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Urgent Legistlative Update

Posted over 12 years ago by Beverly Cail

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Dear Nursing Colleagues, Affiliate Organizations, and Supporters:

Colorado Nurses Association has been working actively on the issue of APNs applying for participating provider status on insurance plans under state authority. SB205 - Concerning Parity in Status Between Health Care Providers Under Health Benefit Plans will be heard in Senate Health and Human Services Committee -Senate Committee Room 356  , on Thursday
April 14 around 1:30PM.

This hearing is subject to change. Please check calendars the day of the hearing if you plan to attend.

Your immediate assistance is needed in contacting members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee to support the bill. Please make sure all contacts and communications are courteous despite any feedback you may receive. Talking points are attached to help guide some of the  dialogue. Do not try to cover them all - focus on a few that are meaningful to you. Keep written and oral communications brief and to the point. Identify yourself as a nurse please. Your personal experiences in any denial by an insurance carrier would also be helpful. Please try to complete contacts by early next week.

CNA is working in collaboration with other lobbyists on contact with legislators as well. If you identify any opposition to the bill - please contact CNA and we will try to work directly with that legislator.

I also need to know the names of any other nursing and health care organizations that may want to sign on in support of the bill by Monday of next week.

I will be coordinating the list of those testifying for CNA. Other APNs can also testify to their personal experience and concerns individually - if they are interested. If you plan to testify - there is a three minute limit. If you know of an external organization planning to testify in support - please let me know.

I would also appreciate having some APNs attending the hearing to show support. Thank you all for your help.

Fran Ricker, RN, MSN
Executive Director
Policy Director - Lobbyist

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