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CNA Novice to Expert Network

Posted over 12 years ago by Beverly Cail

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N E W   G R A D U A T E   N U R S E S . ..
E X P E R I E N C E D   N U R S E S   W I L L I N G     
T O   S H A R E   W I S D O M . . .

The CNA invites you to join the Novice to Expert Network.  New grads can join now by signing up with Facebook.  Experienced nurses who wish to serve as mentors must be CNA members who will undergo some orientation before being connected to the network.  The primary activity of the network will take place online, but there will be face-to-face opportunities for education and networking as well.

If you're a new grad seeking a support group...  
    contact Lori Rae Hamilton at

If you wish to share your wisdom...  
    contact Lola Fehr at